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Chronicles of Nana

Uncle, please dont do this, I’m like your little sister” i begged with all my heart and might. 

In a menancing way, he approaches me and said “No one Can hear you scream now” and with something akin to a flick of his finger, he picked me up and tossed me on the bed and started to dispose of my clothing. I fought for a long time before he resorted to violence. With a slap to the face, i started to cry and i lost the will to fight him. With the last of my strength i 
With a scream,I woke up from sleep. I was dreaming about it again. I turned on the lights, checked the bedside clock, it read 2:15, got off the bed and walked to the veranda trying to catch my breath. Then and There, i started to wonder if this was how I’d spend the rest of my life scared of closing my eyes.

Hi, My Name is Nana, I’m Sixteen and I’m the Only child of The Marital Communion of Jafar and Faisal. I’m in My last year of High school and I have a problem.
.Ever since i was molested sexually for three consecutive years, i have been unable to sleep without pills

In short, my life is a mess. And the worst thing is My Parents don’t Care. All they do is pay for therapy session and disappear from the country, resurface after three months only to get ready for the next journey. Oh yeah My life is Shitty
Yanked back to the present by the help who came out because she heard voices, i turned to head back to my room after assuring her that i was fine. But to be honest, i was thinking of how I was going to face the last term of high school starting later in the morning. Taking a deep breath, i got into my bed, put a song on and gradually drifted off.


“Your Love is Fade!  Your Love is Fade!” My Phone Alarm rings and i resurface from sleep. Putting Off the alarm, i glanced at the clock and it read 6:30 am. I stood up and went to the bathroom and performed ablutions for morning prayers.
After Prayers, I had my bath, put on my uniform, picked my bag up and left my room. On the way to living room, Joke came out of the Kitchen and asks “Nana, Breakfast is ready”. “Im not hungry, Joke but i’ll grab an apple from the fridge before I leave” I reply her. Just then, the driver walked in and says , “small madam, the car is ready”. Grabbing an apple, i say bye to Joke and facing the driver, i say “Festus Let’s go”
One of the perks of having rich and unavailable parents is the fact that you can go out in any brand of car. My favorite is Daddy’s red Toyota Corolla. There were other more expensive rides, i just love the corolla.

Getting into the car, i wait for Festus to drive off before i start to wear my socks and shoes. I thought of calling Teefah but i decided otherwise.
Incase you don’t know, Teefah is and had been best friend since i was a toddler. Our parents were best friends. She’s like the sister i never had.

As we neared the school, my fear began to escalate.  I asked myself questions.

What if they know? What if it is written on my body? What if they hate me? What if i lose my friends?
Watch out for the next episode to see how Nana survives her first day back at school.
About The Chronicles of Nana.

It is a story that has been stuck in my head for four months, three weeks and a day. I finally found time and inspiration to solidify it. It’s not perfect tho but it is all for now

This Episode is dedicated to the 11 year old scared child who had no one to talk to.


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