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Chronicles of Nana (Episode 2)

​ . . . . . . . The car finally stops and Festus turns to me and says “Nana we’re here”. Saying Bye to Festus, i alight from the car and making my way to the school lobby. On my way to the lobby, i spot my best friend talking to a new face. I shout her name and she turns to me screaming at the top of her voice “Nana My Lover”. Smiling slightly i hug my best friend, all my fears disappearing i say “Teefah my Darling”. We do our secret handshake and laugh in unison.
We turn, after hearing a loud clearing of throat and Teefah says “oh Pardon my manners, Nana this is Zaheer Murewa, he’s writing Neco exams with us”  I look at his face clearly and i must say he’s on the cute side.

We shake hands and he says “nice to meet you “. I reply with my famous smirk “subject to further considerations”. Teefah looks at me and says “Nana you will never change” ” Tell me something i don’t know” I reply
We make our way to the assembly ground and after Assembly we go to our various classes. Teefah and I, to avoid trouble were sorted to different blocks. However Murewa was sorted into my own block. “Oh Joy!” Note the sarcasm.

I enter the class and i pick a seat. The seat behind me was taken by none other  Zaheer. I thought to myself that “Well he’s Teefah’s friend not mine so I’m not under any obligation to talk to him”. It’s not like I hate him. Im just averse to the idea of sharing Teefah with him. I mean it has been Teefah and I all through my life.

“Psst! Psst!” I ignore the voice and continue to sort my books out.  A paper plane hits me on the head and i turn to see Zaheer smirking. I ask “Any Problems”. He smiles and He says ” how do i convince you to believe that it is nice meeting me”?. I reply with a sweet  smile ” Don’t Bother! It can’t be nice meeting you if you’re this egoistic”. With that I turn my back on him, not without hearing him say “That’s What She Said!”. I sigh and mutter “This is Going to be a Long Day”.

School ends miraculously and i make my way to the school lobby and i wait for Teefah.
A bump on my shoulder makes me sigh and without turning i say “Zaheer can you leave me alone? I am really not in the mood” He replies “I want to be your friend”. I sigh and say fine! We’re friends now.  Can i go now? ”
Without waiting for an answer, i turn to leave and he says” Bye new friend! ” and I reply” yeah bye”.

Festus drives in.  I remember not seeing Teefah and i ask Zaheer. He explains by saying she left early. Some best friend huh?. I get in to the car and Festus drives off. I reminisce about today on the way home and i secretly laugh at the way i treated Zaheer.
Dont get me wrong, I’m not mean, at the same time I’m not all that nice! Teefah makes up for my not nice side. That’s we’re each other’s half.

On getting home, the help runs out to greet me and she tells me, “you should get your phone. Your dad needs to talk you.” I get really excited to talk to my dad .I pick up my phone and  almost immediately Dad calls. With a smile on my face i answer and I say “Hello Daddy

“Baby! Your mum and i won’t be back this week. There’s a change of plan and we have to take a trip to London. Take care of yourself, if you run out of money, there’s more in my top drawer,bye we love you” Without waiting for a reply, He hangs up and my face falls. What a wow!. No Hello! No How are you?! You think your life sucks!

Look at mine. In a nutshell this is my life!

I can’t sleep because of nightmares!
I have no one to share my woes – MIA Parents
Welcome to my Wonderful *Note the Sarcasm *Life

– The Grey-Eyed Blogger

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