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Chronicles of Nana, Episode 3

​Now that it looks like I’m going to be alone for a while,  I debate on whether to miss my appointment with the psychologist this weekend or not. Just then my mom calls. I say ‘Hello Mama’, she doesn’t bother to reply,  she  says ‘ Nana I’m calling you to remind you of your appointment at the therapist’s tomorrow. No excuses!’. In a low voice I reply ‘Yes mama’ She hangs up even without saying bye. Well I guess I have to go see Dr. Tenny again. Yayyy * note the sarcasm*
It’s Saturday and after another sleepless night, I get ready for my session with the good doctor.  Festus drives me to her office at Karimu Kotun in Victoria Island. I sigh and get out of the car , walk to reception and confirm my appointment with the receptionist . I sit and wait for my turn. After a few minutes, she says “Nana you can go in now”
I walk in and Dr Tenny says with a large grin on her face (creepy tho) ” Welcome Nana, How have you been?” I reply her with not so much enthusiasm by saying “fine and you” She says she’s fine and I’m like good for you. And the therapy starts.

You see, I hate coming for this sessions because she frigging pokes into my head too much. She makes me recall every nightmare I’ve had since the last sessions. I hate that it reminds me too much of those incidents. I try to tell my parents,  they say it means the therapy is working. I’m like “okay fam”.

After two and half hours of poking and poking , she finally says “our time’s up, take care Nana and see you next two weeks” I mutter to myself , “this is  the best thing I’ve heard all day” . Bidding her farewell,  I get up and leave her office at the same time plugging my earphones and listening to JCole (That guy is a redeemer, his lines calms me down) . I collide with someone and fall on my butt.
The person helps me up and he apologises profusely for bumping into me. His voice sounds to familiar to overlook and I glance up to see none other than JCole. Lol did you believe that ? Nah not even close! It was Zaheer.
Zaheer talks first and says “Nana Why are you here?”
I reply him ” Zaheer Why are you here?”
He says ” I asked First”,
I retort “I asked first ”
An uncomfortable silence passed and i break it by saying “you’re going to see Dr Tenny right?”  He replies reluctantly in the affirmative. And I say “Good Luck Boy”.
As I was about to leave he says, “Nana you haven’t told me why you need a therapist,”  I reply and say “Parasomnia”. He grins and says  “welcome to the club”.
I smile at that and turn to leave the reception,with a mental note to make him tell me his story. The music stops and my phone rings, I look at my phone to see that the caller is my mom and my smile evaporates. I pick and confirm that I went to the therapist.
She hangs up after that and Cheer Up by JCole starts playing.
I smile and walk back to the parking lot , signal to Festus and we move.
I guess JCole made my day.

I fall on my bed trying to read an ebook I found on the Internet. I couldn’t concentrate,  I kept thinking of Zaheer and I couldn’t help but wonder why he has Parasomnia. I mean it only happens to people who have had mad issues growing up. Well I guess I’d have to wait till Monday to find out. I drop  my ipad and pick up my phone to text Zaheer.

Meet me at school after Literature in English papers on Monday. We need to talk 

I vaguely wonder whether I should tell Teefah too but well he might want to keep it secret so I decided against it . My phone vibrates. There’s a message from Zaheer

Okay Nana *winks*

I drop my phone and pick up my Ipad.  Here goes another another sleepless night.



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