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So over the years make-up has been evolving from only lip gloss to black eye pencil and that Indian dot to the latest brows, foundation and Bronzer. And yeah the world was alarmed by yet another distinctive way of drawing their brows.

Running out of 2017, the facial brows was uniquely designed in various ways and attention has been drawn to the two most creative ones. The introduction of the squiggly brows are a remake of the normal straight bows commonly seen around, they are shaped snake like a wavy introduction it is but reaction so far makes it for selected few.


The second artistic design is the braided brows which is drawn like a braided hair and undoubtedly the beautiful one which most girls ought to settle for to keep their relationships. This in total consideration have our support but your opinion does matter.


The question is, Ladies would you rock the squiggly or braided brows or you sticking with the traditional straight brows?




– Tonia, Unilag Chills

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