By M.O Kafie



To whom it may concern,
If you’re reading this, it means I was finally able to get my shit together, put my feelings into thoughts and most of all, write them down. If there’s one thing I know how to do best, besides giving all of me to those who don’t truly deserve it, it’s writing. I do hope someone would one day know my true worth, and if no one does, I have the honors. The last person I thought did was another victim of my miscalculated judgments. Someone who I thought I couldn’t do without. I’m now wise enough to say I’m doing pretty well without any bloke (exempting the one who birthed me, and I’m sure those who know me well enough know my reason).
I’m gonna cut the crap and be straight. For the one or two busters who I may have told in the past that I can’t do without them, FYI, I’m way past that stage now. Those who took my bread and gave me crumbs, y’all failed me. Doesn’t mean you owe me shit though, I’m way past those too. And you who think you left me for the best, let’s see how shit goes down. One thing you should know. Karma’s a bitch, and it’s gonna come around and bite your sorry ass. You’ll run so fast and leave your sanity behind, and I tell you, I’ll be up the grid somewhere shaking my head at your sorry ass. It’s the best I can do for you.
In the absence of any grease to clean, I think I’m done with the sanitation. Peace out.

Neither yours,
nor anyone’s.

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