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Episode 2
“Human beings are just like water… They will always meet after they separate”.
This adage came to reality that very day. I had never expected to see this “SOMEBODY”. This person I saw, was so dear to me.
The person I saw was my “mother”! A very young, beautiful, prince charming, exquisite, intelligent, lovely and caring Mother with an enchanting physiognomy too. She has all the physical shape and figure a guy would love in a lady. That day, she was looking like the angel I have been expecting to see. Yes, I can say she is beautiful than an angel. And believe me you, I am not exaggerating or been hyperbolical . She was my School Mother in high school, not literarily my Mother. The School Mother I started having feelings for after she graduated and left high school (So Painful). I can’t remember how we became so close. We were so close that we never did anything in school without seeing each other. I remembered when the school invited our parents for a special meeting because they saw that we were in an intimate relationship. And wanted us to reduce our closeness. Our relationship was the talk of the school. She was our Head girl, who was two classes ahead of me, She was also older than I am which made some of her classmates call her a whore. There were rumors that we were dating even though we were not. Maybe because I wasn’t a man enough. But who will believe us?
The most interesting part of it was how people always get jealous of me been around her, since she was every BOY’s favorite in the school. It got into my head that I never jumped on the school bus without making sure the powder on my face was moderate and also making sure I was having a very sharp, visible crease on my shirt. I’m Sorry I didn’t mention her name earlier on, maybe because I am currently still in love with her. Her name is Abimbola Omotosho, popularly called Bola.
She was carrying some books with her left hands and a designer bag on the other hand. I guess she was returning from a just concluded class. She was with two of her friends who were also beautiful, but definitely not up to hers. I allowed her pass by me before I called her name. I hope she remembers me. It’s been over two years now since we lost contact. Her dad was a disciplinarian. He never got her a phone so there was no way I could reach her after she left my school, than to face my book.
I never wanted to start with the general way like “Is this not Bola? (Bending my neck)” or “Is it not Bola I am seeing?” So I took it softly like a gentleman. I am definitely a gentleman though. You can ask Bola. (LOL)
Me:  Bola (I said softly with my right hand buried in my pocket)
Bola: (She turned back to look at me) Hello?
Her voice has not changed a bit. Still the sexy one I used to hear but I guess it became more mature. Maybe because I was already getting shy
Me: (I tried to make a gesture of “Can you still remember me?” raising me eyebrows)
Bola: Wow. (She shouted) Tayo! Tayo!! My baby (She hurriedly gave her books and bag to her friends and then hugged me very tight and I could feel lots of things).
Yes. I could feel we were compatible.
Me: It’s been a while dear (She was already releasing me now)
Bola: Yes. Almost two years. (She paused a little) No. Even more than two years.
Me: I’m Sorry I could not get in touch with you.
Bola: No. It’s all my fault. (She frowned). Tell me you are in unilag and let me give you a kiss you. (She had always wanted us to be very close. Even though we had been, but she wanted the closeness with freedom too)
Me: Yea. I just gained admission (I was expecting a kiss but she didn’t. I never liked PDA though.)
Bola: Wow… Congrats. I love you dear. I’m happy for you.
I could notice her two friends were just smiling over her shoulders. We were standing on the road, so we had to go to a better place. We walked to a place that was free of passers-by, though it was still opened.
Bola: This is Sunmisola and this is Bimpe. They are my two lovely friends (facing me). And this is Tayo, a very close old time friend, back in high school. (She said smiling, facing her friends)
Sunmisola: Hello Tayo, its nice meeting you. (She said shyly)
Bimpe: Tayo right? Welcome to Unilag. (Smiling and opening her wide gapped teeth. Yoruba call it “Eji”.)
Me: (I was already very excited) Thanks guys. I must say you have beautiful friends (facing Bola)
Bola: Yes! (I noticed her countenance changed. Maybe she was jealous because I said her friends are beautiful) I have to do some stuffs quickly in my hostel. Can I get your number? (She dipped her hand into her hand bags to bring out her phone)
Me: Sure!
Bola: Here, type it please (She stretched her phone to me)
Me: Ok (I collected it. Dialed my number and returned her phone)
Bola: I will give you a call, so we could hang out later tonight. (She smiled)
When she mentioned “tonight”. Lots of things came to mind. I remembered all the things that happened the last time I hanged out with a girl at night. Nothing bad o. It was just messy.
That day was my high school’s Prom night for graduating students. You should believe me, lots of things went down that night but no girl got pregnant at least in the next nine month.
Me: Sure. Just beep me so I can get your number.
Bola: Definitely, I will before you reach your destination.
Bimpe: When will you guys stop this your Romeo and Juliet love on the Road. Let’s get going, Bola (She cut in)
Me: (Laughing) Really? You are sounding jealous. Leave my Bola alone. (I wanted to sound like the MAN. Yes. The real man.)
Bimpe: Jealous of who? (I could see seriousness on her face. This girl yaff vex (pardon that English. LOL) )
Me: So, I did as if I did not hear what she said (I noticed she stepped backward.. Like when you are done Bola, let’s proceed).
Sunmisola: You guys should Shaa be fast (She said too. I guess she was shy)
Bola: Tayo.. When will you grow tall? (She asked jokingly, not minding her friends)
Me: (I never said a word, I just smiled)
This time, I knew I had passed my boundary with this devilish girl, Bimpe. Isn’t she devilish? I was just joking with her and she took everything personal. So, I start to find ways to end my conversation with Bola.
Bola: Where are you heading to? (We were obviously heading to opposite directions, though mine doesn’t have a precise destination. I was just on a walk.)
Me: Ehn… I want to see someone there (pointing at no where).
Bola: Ok then. I have to start going. Just find time for me this night.  Bye. (She turned to friends, gave them a “let’s go” sign, collected her books and her bag and they started moving)
Bimpe: That your Tayo abi what is his name, is a very big fool. (She said very gently and angrily as they started moving but I could hear it clearly)
Me: (Quickly faced back) Bye!! Take care.
I didn’t pay attention to what the devilish Bimpe said. I knew I was still coming for that. But, All I could see when I faced back was the bigger physique of Bola’s backside. This girl gat something. I’m not naughty. Just that her figure was just too enticing and I was afraid she might already have a boyfriend. I heard unilag boys were dangerous which I found out not to be true afterwards.
I decided to continue my journey while I was still having mixed feelings concerning my meeting with Bola and her two friends. I was happy we got connected back but things did not seem well to me.
Few minutes later, after walking a distance, I got a text message. It was Bola. She Sent: “Hello Tayo, this is my Number. See ya”
I happily saved her number and decided to go back to the hostel since I haven’t started making friends apart from those two idiots in my room.
The journey seemed short when I was going but as I return it looks like a very long journey. I decided to take a cab since I was close to a bus stop.
How did I know it was a bus stop when I am not seeing cabs? LOL. It was because I saw some people on a queue, they were really not smiling. Most of them don’t look like students though. They look like those people in oshodi that queue up for BRT buses. (LOL.)
Nobody told me to keep walking instead of spending more than twenty minute waiting for a cab. It later turned out nice walking. It seems everyone was nice to me. I greeted people who were staring at me too much. I had to greet them to make me comfortable. Some even greeted me and we never met before. Their greetings were “Hey Boss”, “My chairman”, “Wehdone”. I felt great being treated nice. It took me more than 15 minutes to get to my hostel.
I finally got to my hostel. I noticed some people were stucked outside the hostel’s gate. The potter refused their entry, I knew they were not bonafide, as they will say. I pridefully walked into the midst of them as a bonafide. Apart from the fact that they will regonize me that I gave them 1,000 naira ealier that day.
Me: I’m a bonafide (I said with pride, facing the man at the gate)
Gateman: Where is your clearance?
Me: I left it in….
Gateman: Oya enter… (He cut in)
I was surprised he said I should enter without too much talking. It was later I noticed that the potter I gave 1,000 naira already gave him a signal. Nigeria….
I immediately squeezed myself in because the gateman’s body already covered the entrance.
It was really a stressful day doing nothing I said to myself. I climbed the stairs to my room. The room was locked. Those two guys already left the room. I dipped my hands in my pocket to take my key. The passage on that floor was very quiet. I guess it was because it’s the early part of the semester.
As I unlocked the padlock and opened it, my phone started ringing.
🎵I wanna be a billionaire.. So fucking bad…🎵” That was my ring tone. It was an unknown caller. I picked the call immediately.
Me: Hello, Who is on the line?
Unknown Caller: It’s a friend. You just met me today.
Me: Ohh.. Bola.. This isn’t the number you…
Unknown Caller: It’s not Bola. It is Bimpe.
Bimpe? No, Devilish Bimpe? How did she get my number? (I was pretty sure Bola wouldn’t have given it to her. How come? How did she get my number? Also, why is she calling me? We just met. Like Seriously, I never expected that. What does she want from me?)
Continue Reading on Episode 3.
Written by Adu Wesley Young

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