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I Fell In Love With a Stranger – Episode 3

Episode 3
Me: Hello… Bim…pe (stammering)
Bimpe: What’s up dear? Don’t be surprised on how I got your number
Me: I am not (I said boldly). But how did you get it? I only gave Bola.
Bimpe: Let’s not spend time discussing irrelevant issues.
Me: So… Why did you call? (I asked as if I already have lot of girls disturbing me. Deep down, I loved the way she was talking to me)
Bimpe: I just wanted to apologize to you.
Me: About what? (I pretended as if she did not do anything to me)
Bimpe: Don’t behave like this. You know what i did. (I wonder why girls just like prolonging matters. Just a question, she is already saying a lot)
Me: I’m busy now. Just go straight to the point please.
Bimpe: (This time, I could sense in her voice that she was deeply sorry) you know what? I’m Sorry for behaving rude earlier today.
Gbam.. Gbam..Gbam… Someone was knocking at the door. My phone still placed on my ear, I quickly went to the door, opened it. I knew they were my roommates but they brought one more person with them, I guess.
Me: Sorry dear. What were you saying? (I never knew when I mentioned dear. This girl will now think that I like her)
Bimpe: No problem. You’re already in your room. I will call you later since you said you were busy.
Me: OK dear. Bye.
Bimpe: Hold on please (She hurriedly said)
Me: What’s that?
Bimpe: Have you forgiven me? (Girls use this weapon a lot to pen guys down)
Me: I was never angry with you (I replied like a gentleman)
Bimpe: Really? It seems you are nice. (She said gently)
Me: Maybe I am.
Bimpe: Ok then. There is noise in your room. Those are your room mates, Right?
Me: (I already told this girl bye and she is still extended the talk. My roommates are fools. They did not even mind that I was on a call. They were just talking with their baritone voice, especially Wale) Yes. They are.
Bimpe: OK. Tayo, Sorry that I’m disturbing you. Can I ask a question?
Anytime girls say this, I always feel they want to ask for money. So, I got prepared and nervous for the question. I never expected her to ask for money on our first meeting though, but she may want to show and confirm how unilag girls are said to be cheap.
Me: Sure. Just be fast please. (I wanted her to know that I don’t waste my time)
Bimpe: Errhhmm… (She paused). Will you and Bola still be meeting tonight? (She rushed the question).
Me: (I heard her well but I pretended not to) Sorry. You said?
Bimpe: Will you still hang out with your friend, Bola this night?(She asked slowly and reluctantly but I knew she needed an answer)
Me: (I wanted to give her a perfection answer, so I said) we should. I’m not sure. But if Bola calls me.
Bimpe: OK then. (She replied silently)
Me: Bimpe, I will talk to you later (I said without any form of fear. You know guys are always afraid of beautiful girls, especially me.)
Bimpe: OK. Bye. I will call you later. Just save my Number. It’s my whatsapp number (She said so fast as if someone was pursuing her)
Me: No problem. Take care. (This girl can talk ehnn…)
Bimpe: (She hanged up).
I noticed there was a sudden silent in my room but I could feel the presence of people. Yes, people that just concluded something important after lots of shouting. I turned back and  saw that my roommate and one black handsome guy (I’m not gay o. Just that the guy is fine. Lol) were sitting around one plate of Noodles. I notice how they were eating turn by turn and even sharing their fork. Waow!. I began to have pity on them before I remember one of them stole my cornflakes. They do not look like people suffering but they were eating like one.
None of them even concentrated on me until they finally disgraced the food.
Wale: (licking the plate)
The Unknown Guy: Wale, you too like food.
Me: (Laughing)
Wale: How much you contribute for this food sef? I no eat anything na. (He said in Pidgin) (Still exploring the plate with his tougue)
The Unknown Guy: (laughing)
I quickly jumped on my bed after watching these two idiot roommates. I was only wondering why a fine boy like this will be moving with all these stupid boys. I never knew the guy was just fine facially but ugly mentally.
I was surprised when I saw the boy washing his hand in the room on the floor. I later knew his name was James.
James: I won dey go (He was still washing his hand on the floor)
His two idiot friends Wale and Benjamin could not scold him. I never expected anything less. So I decided to use the “Big Brother technique” again.
Me: Brother, (facing James) It’s not right washing hands on the floor, in my room for that matter.
James: No vex jare. I’m in a hurry (he replied in pidgin)
Me: Na wa o(I said silently. Not because I was afraid but I was just frustrated seeing the water on the floor flow under my bed.)
I knew I haven’t eaten and it’s already 3PM. Maybe the little anxiety of me being a student of unilag was still in me. See how time flies. I decided to ask Benjamin where I can get a good food. Yes. A very good food.
Me: BenJ, How far? Is there somewhere close I can get food?
Benjamin: Bro… Just go to New Hall. There are lots of places there to eat. (He replied not concentrating)
Me: Where is New Hall? (I asked shyly)
Benjamin: Just Walk Out of the hostel. You will…
James: (Cut in) Oboy. You be fresher? My younger brother just gained admission too. (Facing me)
Me: (I just smiled. I did not reply him) Explain well bro (facing Benjamin)
James: Bro. Just go out, turn right and walk straight you will see where to get things (He said with a bit of sense)
Me: OK then. Thanks. (I wore my shoe,)
I was still tying the lace of my shoes when Wale jumped into the conversation.
Wale: Tayo, I can help you go buy it. (He said smiling, He even remembered my name)
Me: Thanks Bro. Never mind. It’s okay. At least make I know New Hall too ( I replied in pidgin).
I stood up, took my phone from the bed and was ready to leave when I heard voices echoed together. It was like they were programmed to say that.
Wale, Benjamin & James: Buy our own too o.
Me: (I just smiled and went out of the room)
I never wanted to ask anyone again for directions, since I don’t like to be tagged freshers. People take you as newbies and will look for every possible way to tamper with your right.
I went down the stairs, out of my hostel and walking on the street of unilag. It is fun to be a student of Unilag.
I was looking for a banner with an imprint of “NEW HALL” on it but I did not find one. But I could see lots of Food Vendors around. I saw lots of different food to buy but couldn’t choose which to buy. I had enough money on me so I was finding it difficult to select one. Some were selling Suya, Chicken and Chips, Spaghetti, Shawarma.
I saw a building on the left and I decided to climb up to the first floor. I later knew the place was called “Café 2001”. I wonder why it was called  cafe 2001. “Was it founded in the year 2001?” This thought came to my mind. I decided not to go in, the place was kind of big with lots of people. I was shy. I just took a glance and kept walking.
Finally, I found myself in “Mavise Canteen” It has a korea setting in terms of their arrangement. The place looks small and jam-packed. The setting and lighting was great though.
****I later stopped eating, there after I noticed I did not get most of my little change from them. 10 Naira, 20 Naira. Mavise will never have. “Come back later or Write your name down” is what they will always tell you, too stressful and I wondered why they still get lots of buyers, Maybe because of the Quality. Their workers are also rude. Very Rude.
As I was walking between tables and chairs to get to the point where I will order my food. I saw a girl that looks familiar. She was in a talk with a guy seated next to her. The guy’s hand was over her shoulder, resting on the chair. I tried figuring who the person was in almost less than a second and I remembered it was Bimpe. She was looking prettier and happier than the time I saw her. There were empty plates before them on the table. I guess they just finished eating.  She was very comfortable talking with the guy. The guy wasn’t that handsome and I did not like the shape of his nose. I don’t know why I got jealous when I see girls who are not mine around boys.
I decided to hide my face from Bimpe but before I could, she already saw me. She quickly moved her chair out of the chair and walked up to me, without informing the guy she was together with. This rose my morale. I felt useful and important than the guy. I shouldn’t be a rival to him since he was much older than I am
Bimpe: Tayo. What’s up?
Me: I’m cool. I wanted to get something to eat.
Bimpe: Obviously, if not, what will you be doing here?
Me: (smiling)
Bimpe: Or are you looking for new chicks? (She said smiling)
This time, I saw the beauty again. I began to wonder who was more beautiful between Bola and Bimpe. Bimpe’s eyes were so sexy. It was as if they were calling me that evening. I couldn’t call her Devilish Bimpe again. I’m afraid I might want to call her Angelic Bimpe. “She has taken all over me”. LOL
Me: (smiling) not at all I’m a good boy. How did you get my Number? (Wanted to change topic)
We were already seating and talking. I didn’t even know when all this happened. I was just engrossed in her beauty. I never thought she was as beautiful as Bola but I will have to see them together again and made my conclusions.
She waved to the guy passing a message that they were going to talk later. The “mumu” guy pecked her and said bye (sorry for using mumu. I was jealous already). He didn’t even greet me. I was really hungry and Bimpe already engaged me in a conversation I don’t know when it will end.
Bimpe: I don’t think Bola will be able to see you tonight. She will be busy.
Me: Really? (I raised my eyebrows, not feeling concerned. That moment I only wanted food but she has unknowingly stopped me from eating even though I was in a canteen)
Bimpe: Yes. So.., Can we hangout today, maybe somewhere nice.
Me: Urrhhhhh… (Stammering)
Thanks for Reading.
Continue Reading on Episode 4.
Adu Wesley Young
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