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sTEREOTYPE by Lawal Salami

What is the stereotype?

The stereotype is the myopic standard set to bring a science to the art of life.
The collection of poem, sTEREOTYPE, tries most stereotypic aspects of life and shows them for what they really should be. And not what their name suggests they are. No judgements, just understanding.

The stereotype is around us, we see it everyday, caging our lungs, shorting our breaths. Its better we fight it now.
“The rules are to keep you safe,” they say. Well safe enough but how blind?
Humans are so good with limits.
How about our hopes and dreams?
Every letter is worth your read.


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Tayo Lee

Written by Tayo Lee

Artiste A&R, Publicist, PR, Media-preneur

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