#ChillsAlumni: Latchenko, Pharmacologist and PR/Digital Marketer

His name will definitely have you wondering who he is but it would probably amaze you to find out he’s a Pharmacologist and PR/Media extraordinaire that’s on the verge of something big. A graduate of the foremost Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun Atare, Latchenko let’s us in his world of Social Media/ Digital Marketing in an interview with College Chills very own, Hamidat. Did we also mention he has worked with notable names like the legendary King Sunny Ade?


Hamidat CC; Can we know you ?

Latchenko: I’m Lawal Lateef Demola. Born, bred and buttered in Surulere, Lagos State. I’m from a family of 4 siblings. Out of all my supportive siblings, I’m the third and I also studied a medical course, Pharmacology. I sing better in shower, lol! But really Demola is a simple person, an amazing listener has an ambition to become a better leader


Hamidat CC: So why did you choose to be a PR and Digital Marketer?

Latchenko: What do we say of when pastors or men God say “I didn’t choose to be a pastor, God chose me” ? It all boils down to how we find ourself doing what we never intended doing. Public relations is life, its happiness. It’s the backbone of every business. It chose me, I didn’t choose it. All I wanted to become was a Medical Doctor. I started this journey before I gained admission into the university when a friend invited me to be part of his “promotion team”; so he called it then. I was the guy that came with contents to be shared on social media and blogs. Here I am now, a Pharmacologist in public relations


Hamidat CC: You’re a pharmacologist ?

Latchenko: Yes I am


Hamidat CC: How long have you been doing this ?

Latchenko: I started in 2013. Then young to learn by multitasking, old enough to learn and gather facts on my own

Hamidat CC: Why did you choose the name Latchenko ?

Latchenko: I didn’t choose the name Latchenko. It came out of friends I coexisted with while I was in high school. I used to play for the school football team during my junior class, then I had the player Shevchenko name written all my underwear and jersey. On a fateful day, when myself and the rest of the team were gesticulating with our names and they pounce on mine, questioning why I’ve always had another player’s name on when I can have mine. My name is Lateef so they merged it up with Shevchenko’s which equals Latchenko. I tried change it but it got stuck. The name is now my brand and identity


Hamidat CC: If PR hadn’t worked for you, what would you be doing?

Latchenko: PR isn’t a single entity. PR encompasses many fields that I’m sure of my expertise. I said PR is life which goes beyond story telling. Story tellers are said to be the most powerful people. What are PR officers? If I had to leave PR totally, I’d go into a Public Health; being a Health Advocate would be a great career choice for me. I have the ability to use my hands in creatively doing many things. It’s been like that since I was a child


Hamidat CC: Can you shed light on some notable jobs/projects you’ve been on

Latchenko: I have been blessed to be part of projects that till date I have learnt a lot from. Projects from different angles of life; political, events and entertainment, music, art et al. I was part of the movement and creative board of Access Mavin Concert in 2015 and possibly would be in forthcoming ones. It was a great pleasure being a supportive columnist on some challenging topics in politics during the 2015 election in Nigeria; my experience was more of teamwork I’ve never found myself in which brushed me to a whole new level of motivation and acquisition of knowledge. KSA70, an event cooked to celebrate one of the most amazing men that started and created the bases of Nigeria tunes, King Sunny Ade. Meetings with him shared how easy it can be to persuade people to celebrate people of honor without them knowing they are being persuaded – I learnt the art of persuasion. Many other projects that have in many ways shook my residual knowledge and knocked new ones into me

Hamidat CC: What will you be found doing when not working ?

Latchenko: If not PRing. I’m either studying more or I’m with my lovely mum gisting. I spend most of my time alone. Some other times, I spent 30% of the time I spend around people with older people. Where I learn to keep quiet and listen more


Hamidat CC: As an alumnus of one of the foremost Universities in the country, OOU, can you give any remarks whatsoever as to how your experience there has affected your personality ?

Latchenko: I’m proud graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, in Ogun state. I appreciate people I met in university but University didn’t add more to what I am today. University didn’t prepare me for after school. University didn’t teach me how to make money. I haven’t made a dollar from what I learnt in the university. But I will continuously say this, IF NOT FOR UNIVERSITY, I WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SHAPED THIS BETTER


Hamidat CC: Your happiest moment so far would be ?

Latchenko: My happiest moment was the day I graduated from the University. That same day was the first day my mother stepped her foots in my school. It was a glorious and joyous day for me and my family. A day I can’t forget but be thankful


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