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I have Produced Songs for Artistes that ended up on HardDrive Records – EmpayaBeats


College Chills very own M.O Kafie had a chat over with one of Unilag’s finest producers, Empaya Beats, in which he talked about how the community of the school of first-choice shaped his interest in beat making and music in general…


Kafie: Good Evening. Nelson of Empaya beats ?🙂

Nelson Empaya: Lol. Who am I speaking with?

Kafie: Kafie, repping College Chills

Nelson Empaya: Good evening Kafie!!

Kafie: Good evening Nelson!! How’s it going?

Nelson Empaya: Uneventful. You?

Kafie: I read some novels and all

Nelson Empaya: I’m not the reading type

Kafie: So what type exactly are you?

Nelson Empaya: Stress free!! Enjoying life.

Kafie: Hmm. But you’re into music?

Nelson Empaya: Yeah .. it’s fun. You enjoy Nigerian music?

Kafie: Of course. When it’s got a good beat to back it up🙂

Nelson Empaya: Who do you love listening to the most?

Kafie: I’ll say Kiss Daniel, Simisola. What about you?

Nelson Empaya: Davido, Niniola, Reekardo Banks. Wizkid too, but just because of Sarz on the Beat

Kafie: Sarz is a role model?

Nelson Empaya: Sarz is Number 1 for me

Kafie: Really? Since when ?

Nelson Empaya: Since 2010 when I heard Dagrin’s Kondo

Kafie: Cool. So what pushed you to beat making?

Nelson Empaya: Well it wasn’t Sarz though…
I think 2010 in secondary school. Was on an excursion to Ghana. A senior of mine introduced me to the software (fruity loops). But then I was just messing around with sounds. Up until like 2014, just gained admission into Unilag. Met this course mate of mine named Ballertosh. He is a producer too. So the guy sat me down and taught me the basics. Helped retouch my sounds. Then I thought to myself, I could make money off this. And here we are today

Kafie: Wow

Nelson Empaya: Not there yet though

Kafie: Lol. But definitely on the way.
So it’s a mixture of something you like to do and a source of income right?

Nelson Empaya: Yeah. Mostly for the money though. Com’on. I won’t want to be broke doing what I love.

Kafie: Lol. Who would?
So do you think you’re doing well or getting close to your dream now? Basing it on your experience in Unilag.

Nelson Empaya: Well… thanks to Wiz & Davido, we are all aiming for international recognition. Unilag has sort of lost its musical touch

Kafie: Why’d you say so?

Nelson Empaya: Everyone wants to sing, no content, no flow, mix not tight…. just do it to look cool and get babes😁 But we have a few that are really nice

Kafie: Lol. Now you’re talking. You could mention a few productive ones you’ve worked with…

Nelson Empaya: Brainee, Layi B, Phillimon, IQ, Sefhan, Oxlade & Sharon, to list a few…. others might say otherwise. But have you heard of any of them?

Kafie: Does it matter, really? Your confidence in them is obvious

Nelson Empaya: Yh

Kafie: You also sound like you’re good and passionate at what you do

Nelson Empaya: Lol… I try 😂😂😂

Kafie: Cool. What was the first song you produced?

Nelson Empaya: Errm…. it’s still a hard one, cause I have produced songs for artistes that ended up on HARDDRIVE RECORDS. Also some that I didn’t like the quality

Kafie: Okay what’s your best one so far

Nelson Empaya: Link Up. I produced that for IQ

Kafie: Sounds interesting. What’s your favorite one then

Nelson Empaya: Lol! You don’t expect me to answer that now. You wan spoil market be that…
I make sure I listen to the artiste’s work before I work with them, try to build a connection. So that I can understand the artiste’s sound. Know if we can work together. Because I won’t want to end up producing a song that I won’t be proud to listen to in public

Kafie: What have you got to say about production so far?

Nelson Empaya: Production is not just about playing instruments, there is more about it. It’s about your sound… like Sarz said, he spends more time looking for new sounds than he does producing… There is more to it

Kafie: Cool

Nelson Empaya: I’m guessing you like Young John as a producer?

Kafie: I guess he’s cool

Nelson Empaya: One day they would compliment me like that oo 😔

Kafie: Lol. Right



Kafie: How’s your experience in UNILAG been so far ? General experience. And how it has affected your interest in music

Nelson Empaya: Well everyone thinks Unilag is a place you just come and meet fine girls and party…. It’s a lie I tell you. Maybe you meet the girls. But you go read book dieeee. Unilag has been stressful in general mehn… That’s all I can say. Stressful

Kafie: Lol. Typical college life

Nelson Empaya: Exactly. Errmmmm, …. Unilag probably served as a means of me meeting people that affected my interest in music …so indirectly it has done that positively.

Kafie: Care to elaborate a little

Nelson Empaya: Like I said earlier, it was in Unilag I met Ballertosh who brushed me up production wise. Also met artistes that made me change the way I saw music. Like afrobeat, that we do in Nigeria, Ghana etc. It’s more about the beat and vibe than the lyrics. Compared to the US, UK where the bars also have to be tight

Kafie: lol. So does your girlfriend make beats too 😉 ?

Nelson Empaya: I won’t want her to, because she would probably be better than me, then I’d get jealous… 😂😂😂But no, I don’t have a girlfriend

Kafie: Lol. Why naa? UNILAG girls ain’t on your matter ni?

Nelson Empaya: Lol..let’s leave the Unilag babes out of this

Kafie: So why ? Are you the “I don’t wanna commit fornication by dating type” ?

Nelson Empaya: I have been in multiple relationships. But I’m not down for something like that now

Kafie: Okay. So any other beat maker in your family? For all I know, it could run in the blood

Nelson Empaya: Well my sister plays the guitar and flute.. she has the music ear sha.. but doesn’t produce…
She left that for me

Kafie: Awwwn. You guys work together often then…

Nelson Empaya: Well sometimes, she plays some random stuff on her guitar and I like it so I ask for the notes and use them on my beats

Kafie: Cool. Does she do it as a profession ?

Nelson Empaya: If you add Church yh

Kafie: Cool

Nelson Empaya: I guess

Kafie: Lol. It is..
I envy those who play instruments

Nelson Empaya: Yeah me too o. I don’t play any. Maybe just a little keyboard due to little work experience

Kafie: Lol. So you guys are just two? Siblings?

Nelson Empaya: I have two siblings. Two sisters. The last one is an artist/model

Kaffie: Tell us a little about some of the things you’ve done this year and probably a hint of what we should be expecting in 2018

Nelson: Well I dropped a free beat titled “Summer 17” this summer! And it gained a very good reception…. different artistes hit me up on social media and sent in links to what they made out of it.
Also, I teamed up with XYBeat to produce “Wo refix” for Brainne… and did a refix to Cardi B’s “BODAK YELLOW“, a lil’ something for the DJs to enjoy…
This year has been a busy one but next year, be expecting Fiaaaaaaaa… Also in 2018 I look forward to dropping a compilation mix for artistes to jump on. It’s definitely gonna be lit. ANTICIPATE

Kafie: Cool. It’s been cool talking you EmpayaBeats Of Life

Nelson Empaya: Same here!😊😊

Kafie: Thanks for the time



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